Global Liman İşletmeleri considers buying tourist port

A port in Belize is among three destinations that are reportedly to be acquired by a Turkish-based group. An article in the Hurriyet Daily News based in Istanbul suggests that the Global Liman Işletmeleri, which is the port administration unit of Global Investment Holdings, is considering the purchase of the tourism ports in Belize and Roatan off the coast of Honduras. According to the article, Global Yatirim Holding is reporting that it recently initiated talks to purchase the two ports. Locally, the tourism port is the area managed jointly by Fort Street Tourism Village and Diamonds International of Florida, which serves up to eight hundred and fifty thousand cruise passengers annually. News Five could not verify if the tourism facility is up for sale since we were told the Fort Street Operations Manager, James Nisbet, was out office.

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Tourism Village Up For Sale?

Is the Fort Street Tourism Village up for sale? From the international news reports, it looks so! According to newspaper reports out of Turkey a company called Global Liman ??letmeleri, is considering the acquisition of the Belize and Roatan ports, according to a statement from Global Yat?r?m Holdings.

According to the article, The Belize port is managed jointly by Fort Street Tourism Village and Diamonds International of Florida, and serves up to to 850,000 cruiser passengers annually.

The article notes that when the Belize and Roatan ports are added to Global Liman's current portfolio, the port network of the company will be among the most prominent in the world with a passenger capacity of 4.5 million.

The implications are huge for Belize as Fort street is the single hub for cruise ship arrivals to Belize and it generates direct and indirect employment for hundreds....

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