[Linked Image] [Linked Image] He's one of Belize's most esteemed composers and classical pianist, and he's also back in town. Frank Reneau, who began playing the piano at age 3, is back in Belize doing a summer program for piano students in conjunction with the National Institute with creative arts. We caught up with him today as he told us more about sharing his girth of information with willing students.

Frank Reneau

"My focus here is really to expose the piano students, particularly piano since that's my forte, to expose them to different ways of learning and teaching them about the piano on a different level."

Emaun Hyde
"Music itself is universal, how does it feel relating to new students simply through music and teaching them to relate to others?"

Frank Reneau
[Linked Image] "Well, you're quite right, music is a universal language. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not classical music is relevant or not, and that's complete rubbish as far as I'm concerned, and I am proof of it, I think. What it brings is a new dimension to communication. Music is an art of communication, it's not different from pop or jazz or anything else. The aim here is really to communicate via a different style or a different culture. People here, young children that I'm teaching, understand perfectly well. It is something that is open to all people. I think with my help, I hope, they actually achieve a higher standard of performance. That in itself is a reward for me because it shows that what I'm saying is getting through, and over the years I can say, quite frankly, with the students I've seen a better progress that they have made."

The summer piano program will last about a month, and began this monday. Sign up forms are available at the Bliss.

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