First Basketball Court for Western Paradise

[Linked Image] Thanks to the efforts of the Christian Services International (CSI) Ministries, a philanthropic organization from the U.S., and the village council and community of Western Paradise village, the community will shortly be enjoying the use of a new basketball court.

A group of 11 young people from the state of Pennsylvania led by Bill Roberts of Indiana began work to construct a basketball court in the community on Monday July 26. The first phase of the project will be the construction of the first half of the basketball court, which when completed will measure 60ft. X 100ft. In speaking with Roberts, he explained that "we are here to build relationships, we are not here to do the work, we are here to help the community with work that needs to be done."

Back in March of this year, the CSI Ministry, with the assistance of Area Representative Hon. Michael Hutchinson and now chairman of Western Paradise village Terrence Cassasola, 200 loads of fill was placed on the field to make it user friendly.

The CSI Ministry focuses its work on community development and has already constructed at least three homes for residents in the Western Paradise Village. The community and village council of Western Paradise extends its gratitude to the Ministry for the support it offers.

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