Belmopan Queens

[Linked Image] The first Queen of the Bay pageant was held in 1946 when Ms. Rita Lewis won the coveted title of Belize's first Queen of the Bay. It's a tradition has continued up until today - and with that said, the pageant time is getting closer - and all districts are getting ready to host their own pageant in order to choose a winner that will go on to the National Queen of the Bay.

Today the contestants of Miss Queen of the Bay Belmopan were in Belize City - getting some shopping done for their pageant that is coming up this weekend. Seven News caught up with the ladies at Mirab Store.

Leroy Green, Organizer

"4 of the contestants out of the 5 were down here looking for shoes and other accessories for their introductory dress and their evening gowns in Saturday's competition. Hopefully they will find some shoes here because we've been all over the city so far and gthey havent been able to find anything much that they like."

[Linked Image] Monica Bodden

"How many stores have you guys been in and what are the names of those stores?"

Leroy Green, Organizer

"We've been to Oxygen, M&Ms, LA Fashion and Mirab is the 4th one. Miss Belmopan queen of the bay is the pageant held in Belmopan to select a candidate to be an ambassador for Belmopan in the national queen of the bay pageant to be held on the 4th of September here in Belize City. Miss Queen of the Bay Belmopan will be held on the 14th og August at the Belmopan Civic Center."

Karen Agiri, Contestant

"My name is Karen Agiri and I am representing Salvapan area."

Alma Delgado, Contestant

"My name is Alma Delgado and I will be representing Site 7."

[Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] Kimberly Spence, Contestant

"Kimberly Spence and I am representing Mountain View area."

Shana Evelyn, Contestant

"Shana Evelyn, DFC Villas."

The winner of this event goes on to the national Queen of the Bay Pageant in Belize City. The Belmopan pageant will be held on Saturday August 14th at the Belmopan Civic Centre.

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