Order Out Of Chaos For City Streets

[Linked Image] [Linked Image] The city council is going about the work of identifying and naming three hundred un-named streets in the city.

That's almost half of the 700 and the problem isn't coming up with names, it's figuring out how to assign them in a uniform manner that will create order out of chaos.

The mayor has put together a working group with diverse representation and she explained how it's going so far:..

Jules Vasquez

"You all are looking at organizing the streets according to theme?"

Zenaida Moya, Mayor
[Linked Image] "Yes. We are looking at it. For example, let's say it's public officers, war veterans, sports heroes, whatever area that we look at. We want to have it inclusive so that we get individuals who will know of people that should be honored, areas that we can look at. The inclusiveness will also ensure that people will also appreciate the names. We have noted there are different areas whereby you have different blocks and you will find a street by the name of, let's say a flower, the name of a individual, a number, a bird and so it shows us that the need for proper planning. You will be assisting the postmen, assisting the average person who needs to know how to get to a street, you'd be assisting also the policemen, the firemen, the BERT ambulance personnel, from delivery people like Bowen and Bowen whoever, you will be assisting everybody, you will be assisting the media so immediately they can go to an area so it will really take some time to think about what exactly will be suitable to us."

The group met with a city planner today where they discussed the possibility on creating a postal code system for the city. The mayor says the exercise should be finished in 3 months.


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