The Jazz Singer

Kelly Cadogan, a Barbadian vocal instructor, facilitates a singing class here in Belize and while they say those who can't do, teach, you can leave Cadogan out of that equation, because this teacher can sang!

And you can hear her, as well as those she is mentoring. Cadogan and her students are hosting in a jazz and vocal showcase entitled "An Evening with Kelly Cadogan". We caught up with her while she was practicing.

Kelly Cadogan

[Linked Image] "I am hoping for a smooth run. Just the ability for the students to come out and experience the performing and being able to work with the musicians here in Belize and that the audience is packed. Even if it's not packed we are still going to do a fantastic show so I encourage people to definitely come out because its really going to be a good show."

Emaun Hyde
"What should people be expecting?"

Kelly Cadogan
"A first class show, high quality from performances to presentation, talent; new and upcoming talent in Belize. I know that I am going to have a great sense of joy and accomplishment and peace, I cry in my sessions because there is a particular students Kayla who sings, every time she sings I cry because I work with her last year and I have seen the growth, I only did 3 weeks last year and she is continue working and now she is back this year again and I was like Kayla! and when I start to hear her voice because she is really quiet but then when she starts to open up it like 'girl you make me cry every single time' so it's going to be a great sense of accomplishment and knowing that you know what this is why I do what I do. The experience has been, it's a journey because it doesn't stop here. God willing if I am back next year I'll be able to have more time and to take things to another level and just keep improving and tweaking stuff and getting hopefully a lot more people."

The showcase will be at the Bliss tomorrow at 8 pm. Tickets are now available.

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