Long time San Pedranos will remember Rosie from Fido's, she ruled the roost for awhile back in the day....

Just had dinner with Tony Rath there the other night, had a fabulous time and a wonderful meal and a great history lesson from Rosie on Garifuna culture, with old time cooking and music implements as well.

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This family-run hotel and restaurant, opened in 1997 in Hopkins Village, Stann Creek, is named after the Garifuna word meaning "coastal village". The sisters pride themselves at giving quality service to make their guests happy. One sister (Grace) was a part of the former Sandy Beach Women?s Cooperative. Joy, another sister, is a teacher who loves to teach and impart knowledge whenever she can. These two women, along with their mom, Rosie and other family members all pitch in to run the business. They are a wealth of information (and enthusiasm) about Hopkins and the Garifuna culture. Grace also makes homemade Garifuna dolls. These ladies work hard, cook scrumptious food and want their guests to relax and enjoy being in Hopkins!

Located on the beachfront, guests staying at this accommodation will get firsthand experience in Garifuna food and culture. The family of sisters who runs the hotel and caf" lives downstairs from the rooms for guests. Their big smiles and open arms make guests refer to this Inn as a "home away from home". The four rooms have a shared bathroom. The rooms are clean, neatly furnished (even down to handmade rugs) and windows provide ample breeze to stay comfortable. The central area of the Inn is like a mini-museum displaying many of the traditional utensils and tools used by the Garifuna. Also on the property are the caf" and a stand-alone kitchen for the family cooking which is typical of many Garifuna homes. Next to the beach, there is a palapa with hammocks for folks to kick back, relax and enjoy the view and breeze of the Caribbean Sea. All rooms range from US $10-15.