Fast food is not new to Belize - in fact we'd say that on most nights in Belize City - the majority of the population eats fast food for supper.

But in that case, Fast Food usually means Chinese Fried chicken. But up until recently, Belize didn't have much of that other kind of fast food - the first world kind, that we see advertised at McDonald's and Burger King.

Sure you may have tried it in Chetumal, but now it's available locally; not at one of those big name global franchises - but through a home grown effort with international flair.

Monica Bodden went into the kitchen at Jamboree's restaurant.

Monica Bodden, Reporting
This is what it looks like inside the newly opened Jamboree's fast food restaurant. It compares to international fast food restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King. With its clean and spacious ambiance - friendly staff - and a large menu - this is most definitely a first in Belize.

Julian Murillo, Owner
"This a long-time dream of ours to do a project like this. I lived outside Belize for many years and it has always been my hope to come back and invest in Belize and do something at this scale, at this quality. So for us it's a dream come through and we're hoping that we continue to please the public in Belize and set some standards with regards to the food service industry."

Since the opening of Jamboree - Belizeans have been pouring in. It was a surprise for owner Julian Murillo and his staff

Julian Murillo, Owner
"Monica, let me start off by saying that response from the Belizean public has been very good and I want to publicly thank all our patrons and all Belizeans who have supported us this far. We started off this business with the hope that we established and built a strong Belizean brand and enterprise and we're hoping that it will continue exactly in that way. For us we are pleased that a lot the stuff that we are offering, all the food that we are offering seems to be hitting the right palate for Belizean people, so we hoping that we keep the service levels where we want to and see that support from the Belizean public continue."

Steven Anthony has been a loyal customer to the fast food restaurant since the opening and says the environment and food cannot be compared to anywhere else in the country.

Steve Anthony - Customer
"First of all and foremost the food is delicious, the atmosphere and the ambience is the best place in Belize to eat. It's a family place, they have a playground outside, it's my fourth trip for my son and I. A lot of times I come and I can't get in because its crowded and I have to go right to work, but I urge all Belizeans to support because it's a big effort, it's something that been long anticipated and it's here now; this is our Burger King; this is our McDonald's; this is our Wendy's and this can compete in any part of the world."

And what are the prices on the menu like?

Julian Murillo, Owner
"We thought it would be good but to be honest with us it's been a little overwhelming for us and while it's a good thing we're hoping that we can make sure that customers come in here and get good service and good quality food, that's the main objectives."

Monica Bodden
"Let's talk about the prices because I know a lot of people always compare prices with other businesses to try and stretch their dollar. Tell me how reasonable these prices are?"

Julian Murillo, Owner
"Right, this is what we are very proud of as a hallmark of our business model in that we try extremely hard to make sure especially in these trying times to price our food at a very reasonable level. We are not here to get rich off one customer, we are here to provide quality food at a very affordable price particularly considering our location where we have quite a bit of large student population in this area and managed hopefully to hit the nail right on the head in finding pricing levels that any average Belizean should be able to afford."

And there is quite a number of items to choose from on the menu. Like what Chief Alvarez said - there is something for all ages to enjoy. He took us on a tour around his kitchen to see how it all gets done.

Alex Alvarez - Chef
"We have an intensive menu basically catering to different age groups."

And while the planners have something for everyone on the menu - the proof of the pudding is in the eating - and these patrons seemed satisfied

Steve Anthony - Customer
"Right now we are having a mojo and look at how this chicken has already been eaten, it use to look like this, we are having a coke, but the food is excellent, I urge everybody to support."

Julian Murillo, Owner
"We are clean family fun, that's what Jamborees is all about; we've spent a lot of time making sure that the ambience in the restaurant is of international standards. Quality, clean, comfortable premises as well as our flagship playground which is the first of its kind in Belize. We have a mega 3 storey playground which the kids have been enjoying all day long since we've been open."

And because of the overwhelming response - they have to accommodate take out as well.

Julian Murillo, Owner
"Due to overwhelming requests from a number of our very busy workforce people, people who only have an hour for lunch and who have to deal with long lines in here, we are please to advise that we will be launching a takeout service effective this weekend."

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