Crime wave hits Cancun; eight killed in bombing

[Linked Image] The violence by the drug cartels continues to move dangerously close to home. Earlier this week seventy-two immigrants were slaughtered in Tamaulipas, an area in Mexico trafficked by thousands of Belizeans who travel back and forth for business and pleasure. The latest attack was in Cancun, a prime vacation spot for Belizeans. Press reports are that at least ten armed men were at the Castillo Del Mar Bar at around one a.m. terrorizing patrons even before the attack. A local drug cartel, the infamous Zetas gang, is suspected of being involved in the violence that left mostly women dead. The Zetas are believed to have ventured onto Belizean soil before and one member was charged after the Murder of construction worker, Wilhelm Braun, at the Commercial Freezone in 2008. We found a brief report on the Euronews website on the latest drug related violence.

Euronews Report

"At least eight people have died in a petrol bomb attack on a bar in the Mexican holiday resort of Cancun. A group of unidentified people attacked the bar with Molotov cocktails early on Tuesday morning. Six women and two men have been confirmed dead. Police believe it was a revenge attack against the bar's owner, who had reported a local drug cartel for extortion."

Six of the eight deceased persons died in the fire while the other passed away during treatment.

Channel 5 Belize

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