Starting on Sunday September 12th, The Radisson Fort George Hotel will be having its first ever Movie Marathon. But it's not about Hollywood blockbusters - it's a showcase of Belizean Films, films and documentaries made in Belize, starring Belizeans. Terez Tillett tells us that Belizeans should come out to support the marathon:

Terez Tillett, Online Sales Manager - Radisson Fort George "We are one of the sponsors for the Belize Film Festival which happen recently. That was where the idea grew from after we saw how the whole process was put together. We felt wouldn't it be great if we could keep the momentum going throughout the year for the local Belize talent. No Matta Wat. and the Tomasa in Time; Tomasa Revenge. So we are very happy to have those included in the marathon. Linda Blease did a little short movie call Christmas cheapo so we are going to be showing that as well. 3 kings will be screen as well only because it's just a spectacular piece of documentary film and 3 subject matters; you just don't get any better than that. So even though we have already had that done here at the hotel, we do have guest coming in and this would be new to them. Punta Soul will be on Thursday that will be with Niasha, she will be here to do a presentation as well so that will be great, the little question and answers with her, the whole process of putting together a movie like that. We start Sunday; we start with no matta wat on Sunday the full season 1. That's is going to be at 4:30. Trying to get the last bit of revelers from celebrations. Then from Monday to Thursday it will start at 6:30 in the evening. The tickets are $7 for adults and $4 for kids and you get free popcorn with every purchase. So it's a great deal."

The proceeds of the movie marathon which includes short films, features, and documentaries will go towards the Stella Maris School.

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