The National Emergency Management Organization held its second First Aid training in San Pedro on Wednesday, September 8 at the San Pedro Lions Den. The event was organized by NEMO and was facilitated by the Belize Red Cross.

“This is our second community First Aid training for San Pedro,” commented Ms. Jeromey Augustin, District Emergency Coordinator for Rural South, “It is a part of the UNDP Project and it is a two-day event where we invited employees of hotels, water taxis, high school students and the community to participate”.

First aid training is very important to know as it is the provision of initial care for an illness and injury performed by a non-expert person to a sick or injured person until definitive medical treatment can be accessed. It generally consists of a series of simple and in some cases, potentially life-saving techniques that an individual can be trained to perform with minimal equipment.

Ms. Augustin encourages all to take advantage of these types of training that are offered as they are very beneficial to all, not only to the person who takes the course, but to the community on a whole. Facilitators of the Belize Red Cross were Evelyn Landaverry and Larry Smith who were also assisted by Nurse Nathalie Pallen of the San Pedro Red Cross.