Christian McNish wins 27th annual BCA criterium

[Linked Image] Benny's Megabytes' Panamanian import Christian McNish clocked 1:05:05 to win the Belize Cycling Association's annual criterium on Albert and Regent Streets in Belize City on Sunday.

Benny's Megabytes Byron Dillon Pope was in the sprint but had to settle for 2nd and Team Typhoon's Edgar Nissan Arana from Sugar City, Orange Walk was 3rd, while Team Zamir teammates Peter Choto and Allen Castillo placed 4th and 5th.

Team Zamir's veteran Glenn O'Brien clocked 1:05:32 to place 6th and win 1st
prize among the Masters, just ahead of teammate Mateo Cruz who clocked 1:05:41 to place 7th overall and win 2nd prize among the Masters.

Team Typhoon's Jairo Campos clocked in at 1:05:46 to finish 8th with Team C-ray's
Brandon Cattouse hard on his wheel to take 9th place.

Michael "Big Wire" Lewis riding unattached clocked 1:05:49 to place 10th, relegating the 4th place Masters rider Kenneth Butler to 11th place.
Fred Usher clocked 1:05:52 as he took 12th place, Orson Butler (1:05:55) was 13th at the head of the main group, which included Benny's Megabytes' Ruben Cano (14th), C-Ray's Kelvin Tillett (15th), Gregory Lovell (16th), Team Santino's Leroy Cassasola (17th), Team Zamir's Arnidez Rivas (18th), his teammate Rafael Choto (19th), and Team Santino's Darnell Barrow (1:06:00) completed the top 20.
Team C-Ray's Melvin Tillett won the junior race over Juan Umana and Daniel Choto of the Cayo High Road team.
Some 31 riders had begun the 30 mile race of 30 laps around the circuit on Albert and Regent Streets and 24 finished.

Christian McNish captures Councilor Leslie September Criterium

[Linked Image] The Belize Cycling Association in connection with Leslie's Imports and Councilor Dion Leslie sponsored the September Criterium Race on Albert and Regents Streets in Belize City on Sunday September 12, 2010.

The 30 lap event attracted some 31 riders in the elite, under 23 and masters categories. From the 31 riders that started the event only 24 of them completed the course.

The first elite rider to cross the finish line was Christian McNish of Benny's Megabytes in a time of 1:05:05. McNish's teammate Byron Pope finished second while Team Typhoon of Orange Walk Edgar Nissan Arana finished third, Zamir Cycling Team's Peter Choto finished fourth, his teammates Allen Castillo finished fifth, Glenn O'Brien finished sixth, and Mateo Cruz finished seventh. Typhoon's Jairo Campos finished eight, C-Ray's Brandon Cattouse finished ninth and Michael Dennison Lewis unattached finished tenth to round off the top finishers.

In the youth and female categories, the first youth rider to cross the finish line was Oscar Qurious of Uprising Cycling Team in a time of 23:50. Second place went to Eldon Simmons of M&M Engineering, third place went to Zahir Figueroa of Uprising Cycling Team, and fourth place went to Giovanni Lovell of INDECO, with fifth place going to Shalini Zabaneh of Sagitun.

The other finishers in this category include Christopher Sandoval of Uprising Cycling Team, Zamir Guerra of Cayo High Road Cycling Team, Brandon Guzman of INDECO, Alex Young of Uprising Cycling Team, and Juan Umana-Flores of Cayo High Road Cycling.

In the junior and 16-year-old category, 15 riders started the event with only seven concluding the course. At the end of the event, it was Melvin Tillett of C-Ray Junior Cycling taking first place in a time of 0:46:48, second place went to Juan Umana-Flores of Cayo High Road Cycling, third place went to Daniel Choto of Cayo High Road Cycling, fourth place went to David Tillett of M&M Engineering with fifth place going to Ryan Peyrefitte unattached.

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