In his Independence Day message yesterday Prime Minister Dean Barrow highlighted a number of infrastructural programs that are in the works. He highlighted works to be done on the Orange Walk to San Lazaro Road, Orange Walk to San Estevan to Progresso Road, roads in Belize City as well as the bridge at Kendall and work on roads in the Toledo District. Prime Minister spoke on the social issues and on the Restore Belize Program. He once again appealed for national commitment to the program.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

"All together government will be spending around two million dollars in the rest of this fiscal year on the various aspects of the initiative. This is money not budgeted but it must be found since everything has to be done to defeat this scourge of gun violence and murder now overtaking the Belizeans way of life. We will find funding for on the enforcement side and additional police intake immediately after the October graduation of the current one; for a new gang suppression unit, for improved forensics and for a more muscular BDF role in securing Belize City Streets. On the social side we are going to employ more and more young people in more and more projects of physical community rehabilitation and the creation of safe zones. This will be accompanied by a comprehensive and sustained program of interpersonal and family outreach. The experience of others in dealing with these kind of problems teaches us one thing, everyone has to get involved and there is no time for business as usual or worse politics as usual."

Prime Minister Barrow spoke of two social programs that should come on stream shortly.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

"The government's food subsidy pilot project for Southside Belize City starts in the next two weeks. We will be working in partnership with the Salvation Army who we have contracted to administer the program to ensure both efficiency and fair play. People living on the margins will be able on a continuing basis to purchase from two distribution centers on Cemetery Road and Mahogany Street a basket of basic food items at half the price. A next Belize City project will very shortly be followed by the countrywide conditional cash transfer program that will especially target financial cost of living assistance to the rural poor."

Prime Minister Barrow announced that several pieces of legislation will be dealt with at this Friday's House of Representatives meeting.