The Government of Belize has issued a press release informing the nation that on September 16 the World Bank approved a $30 million Bze loan for Belize to improve service delivery in several municipalities or towns. Of special note is the word "several". Why not all towns which are seven in total and in this context each town would be getting $4.2 million which could be used to improve infrastructure and thus improve the environment and quality of life of its residents.

By coincidence we were listening to the Prime Minister's address to Belizeans in Los Angeles and he made reference to the fact that the World Bank has not recommended the town of San Pedro as a beneficiary of this loan. Apparently this is so because of the mindset that San Pedro is well off and can do without this extra assistance from government.

There is a big "IF" to this idea, but if it is so, we would hope that our beloved Prime Minister would put in a special word and fight for San Pedro to get its due share. Our Area Representative, Hon. Manuel Heredia would surely boost up his approval ratings even higher if he would fight for San Pedro to get its due share in this loan. You see, this is a loan to Government, but it would turn out a grant to the municipality.

All of us living in San Pedro are aware of the successes as well as deficits of our town. Yes we have a lot to show, but this has been mostly through self initiative of the town's residents and the Town Councils. But we do have areas that need urgent attention. We can think of our remaining streets that need cobblestones.

What about those urgently needed improved streets in San Mateo, DFC and San Pedrito? And listen to this. There is a much needed service in most parts of this large town and that is sewer. Sewer services stop right about the area of the high school and the rest of the town does not enjoy this special service.

Indeed if our leaders in government would fight for San Pedro to get its due share in this loan coming from the World Bank, they would be our heroes. The quality of life in San Pedro would be immensely improved and the electorate tends to remember these special services. Hopefully we will get our share in the $30 million dollar loan and we shall have much to celebrate.

Ambergris Today