Criminal brutality that has become the norm intensified as three laborers - two minors and one adult - of San Carlos Village, Orange Walk District were ambushed by five men dressed as BDF soldiers in camouflage outfits, demanding information about drugs.

The 5 men then beat up and tortured the three men before ending the life of the two minors.

They thought that they had also killed the adult, but he had pretended to be dead.

This is the first time this secluded area/village of San Carlos has witnessed such evil.

The three victims, Wilson Perez, 15, Rudy Interiano, 16, and Damacio Pop, 42, all residents of San Carlos Village, were working on a farm close to Indian Church Village, planting posts to finish a cow and sheep pasture.

The trio had left from early morning at 6:00, to start their work around the farm digging and planting the posts when, according to police reports, a little after 3:00 p.m., five men dressed in camouflage outfits [resembling BDF soldiers] approached the victims. The five men, on walking toward the trio, already had their faces covered with hoods, and carried firearms and machetes.


According to a villager who spoke to Pop, “The men came and told them that they are the BDF and they kept asking them where is the drugs [marijuana].”

However, the men did not know anything about the drugs.

The five attackers, not pleased with the response, then decided to handcuff the two minors and started beating Pop, chopping him with a machete in the head and cutting off three fingers from his left hand in the process.

“He said that he had to pretend to be dead to let them stop, and they dragged him [when they thought he had died] from where he was, close to the other two [2 minors],” said a friend of Pop.

The two minors, Perez and Interiano, died when the gunmen shot them in the back of the head. Pop himself was shot in the back of the head, but miraculously, the bullet only grazed him. 


After the killers left the premises, Pop then picked himself up from off of the ground, bleeding profusely, and started on his journey some two miles to the nearest village, where he sought help.

He was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital, where he is to date in a stable condition; the two minors had died on the spot. Police located their bodies on Monday, September 20, a little before 10:00 a.m.


Senior Superintendent and Officer in Charge of Orange Walk District’s police department, Joseph Myvette, told us in an interview, “Police responded to an apparent shooting some 3 ½ Miles south-west of San Carlos Village.

Myvette explained that at this time they have learnt that throughout the incident, only one of the five men spoke to the victims in Spanish, while the others remained quiet. Myvette also told us that the police are currently following two leads and are optimistic that they will make an arrest.

Amandala ventured to the village for answers, and noted that the area in which the crime was committed was remote and deserted, and is on a dead-end road.

Although the families confirmed to Amandala that the three victims were indeed working for an American who is the owner of the farm, police have since told us that they have not established if that was indeed the case.

The saddened mother of Wilson Perez, Elsa Perez, 36, had only recently lost her husband, Jose Perez, to a traffic accident on July 30, 2009. He was driving on the Shipyard road in Orange Walk District when the vehicle suddenly went out of control and flipped on its left side.

Elsa spoke to us about her son’s murder and how much of a surprise it was to hear he had died. “They [villagers] told me that a shooting went on and that my son is dead,” Elsa said.

According to Elsa, her son was not a troubled or typical teenager, for he had devoted his time and efforts to take care of his five younger siblings and mother, since the untimely passing of his father in 2009.

“Everybody were surprised at what happened, because we did not expect it to happen, because they don’t get into trouble; Wilson does not mess around with anyone, he just works to take care of us,” said Elsa.