CEMO capable of rescue operation in case disaster strikes

Zenaida Moya-Flowers

And in case you determine that you donít need to leave your home but later discover that you and your family are in peril, CEMO also has a team that will try to reach you.

Zenaida Moya-Flowers, Chair, CEMO

ďI did get a call from Pastor Richard Smith, he has his contacts abroad and they have worked with Belize in the past and so he has indicated to them and informed me that they will also be on standby if the need arise, so these are individuals who would have to come in and they would be getting, in terms of their helicopter, to fly around.Ē

Persons that need further information or assistance may call Deputy Mayor, Philip Willoughby at 664-7158. For those who want to leave the city, buses will leave strategic points to be announced should the need arise. Transportation will be provided by the commercial companies. The cityís bridges will swing at six on Saturday morning to allow mariners to secure their vessels.

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