Don't worry; it's just a name change. Your favorite local rock band Rock in Peace (R.I.P.) is not unwanted by San Pedro; "Unwanted" is the new name of the band as the members find themselves starting fresh!

With Guadalupe Salgado, one of the lead singers of the band, graduating from San Pedro High and leaving the Rock in Peace, the band found itself looking at a new direction and sound for the band. Starting fresh meant a new name - Unwanted.

And now with four months working on a new sound and playlist for the upcoming album, the boys - Lucio Nu�ez, Maverick Ba�os, Derrick Ba�os, William Portillo and Guillermo Rivero, have set December as their goal to release the new album. Unwanted will also feature new talent as members will collaborate with Anton Sabal, Kirian Vasquez, and Victor Parchute, bright young singers who will be featured in a couple new songs on the album.

Ambergris Today got the opportunity to talk to Unwanted during one of their rehearsal sessions at San Pedro High where we got to hear a sneak peak of their first single "Everything to Me" written by William and Lucio. And we have to say, it sounds really good - very fresh and new.

"The sound is mixture of sounds like rock and rap, much like the popular band Linkin' Park," commented Derrick Ba�os to Ambergris Today. The album "Standing Strong" will feature 12 new tracks which are sure to delight the fans and followers of the band that has showcased much talent throughout the years. Ambergris Today has been one of the band's followers and supporters since its inception, so we promise to follow Unwanted as the band produces their first album.

Ambergris Today