And while Deputy Assistant Reynosso was in Belize today - Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington was in New York yesterday for the UN General Assembly. It's the annual exercise when all 192 member states make an address outlining their country's position in world affairs.

Elrington spoke of the new World order, saying: "The World has changed and we are dealing with new realities". Belize he said is on a course at redefining its national objectives, and that the country had undertaken a vision to deal with these new realities, making reference to the Horizon 2030 initiative.

Hon. Wilfred Elrington, Minister of Foreeign Affairs
"Mr. President Belize is crafting a 21 century vision for a modern green and sustainable economy predicated on capacity building, human dignity, human development and innovation. Our government is working towards building domestic capital thru social investments, job creation; improve access to credit and combating crime and violence. To this end we have launch project RESTORE Belize which encompasses a comprehensive anti-crime initiative complemented by a socio economic component aim at restore the social fabric of our society thru provision of skills training, continuing education for adults, infrastructure development and fostering civic pride. We have instituted school feeding programs subsidies for students of secondary schools, seed program for farmers and capitalization for our own development finance corporation for onward lending for entrepreneurs. Government has also taking a national sectorial consultative process to redefine our national development objectives in Horizon 2030 project."

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