The opposition People's United Party has condemned what it calls the attempt by the UDP administration to use SSB funds to purchase shares in BTL. A statement from the PUP expresses support for the Unions and the Private Sector who have gone on record to reject the proposal. According to the PUP, the deal, as presented by Government through representatives on the boards of the SSB and BTL, reeks of impropriety and lacks transparency, accountability and integrity. The PUP takes issue firstly with some of the people engaged in brokering the negotiation. Representing BTL in the proposed sale of the shares are Executive Chairman, Nestor Vasquez and Legal Advisor Lois Young. Representing SSB in the purchase of the shares from BTL are Chairman of the SSB Investment Committee, Nestor Vasquez and Chairman of the SSB Lois Young. The PUP said in its statement that despite the firm rejection of the plan by representatives of both the unions and the private sector, Nestor Vasquez was able to cast a second vote to push the deal through. Says the PUP Release: quote: "This arrangement is ludicrous and incestuous to say the least." End of quote. The Opposition ends its statement by reminding the Prime Minister of his commitment, stated in his party's manifesto, to include the social partners in every important decision made by this government. The PUP says that to ram this deal to completion despite its rejection by those social partners who represent the people on SSB amounts to nothing less than a betrayal by the Prime Minister.