doug singh

The senate was convened today in the Capital; presiding was Lee Mark Chang, a UDP political aspirant for the Freetown Area. Among the bills before the senate, was the controversial Interception of Communications Bill, which was hotly debated in the House of Representatives last week between the Government and the Opposition. Debate today was robust but still the bill was ratified along with nine others. First to lend support was the Leader of Government Business, Senator Doug Singh, who is also the Minister of Police. While Singh said the legislation is primarily to target criminal activity, it is believed that the law will legalize intrusion in the privacy of persons other than criminals. Singh said that there are safeguards to prevent the abuse of the law.

Doug Singh, Senator

"On this side of the House we are prepared to do it because we understand that we are vulnerable also. But we are prepared to take the step forward that will protect people and at the same time can make us vulnerable. But we are prepared to do that. We have be courageous, we have to be able to put things in place that will safeguard us against what has happened. We are looking at this piece of legislation as something that we should be afraid of that is ominous that is out there, that is going to bite us in the butt. It's already done that to us and we were just suspicious. Well this just puts in place certain safeguards, certain protection. I hear individuals, I hear other senators talking about the fact that not sufficient safeguards is in there, but maybe that's possible, but there are sufficient safeguards in there where if there is failure, failure is because somebody did it illegal or if there is failure it's because the judge did not use proper judgment."

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