Thirteen people died and ten others were injured, most of them staff members of the band "Las Chicas Samba" after the collision between a bus, a truck and a dredge occurred at Km 4 of the road from la Tela  to Progress in northern Honduras. Most of the victims were members of the band "Las Chicas Samba." The popular Honduran group had performed in San Pedro for the International Costa Maya Festival a couple of time. Their latest performance at the festival was in 2007.
    Security Vice Minister, Armando Calidonio, said there was "a total of 13 people have been killed so far, 12 who died at the scene of the accident and a person who has died in the hospital."
After the strong collision sparked a fire in the bus a dozen people were killed by the blaze. The other person who died was the driver of the truck that hit the bus.

    Reportedly, among the victims were nine men and four women that also included four members Kassabe, their producer and stylist: Dennis Dubon, his brother Ramon Dubon, one of the vocalists known only as "Ramon" and a dancer identified as "Cristina."
    Also in the bus were members of the group "La Raza" and the driver who used to work for "Las Chicas." "This is one family", said a source close to the managers of the three music organizations.
    The bus caught fire after the collision and the occupants had no chance to exit. The victims could not be identified, since they are trapped between the iron mass of the bus that belonged to the musical group, who had made a presentation in San Pedro Sula.
    The injured were rushed to the hospital in El Progreso, though their health is critical so authorities called on families to Hospital Mario Catarino Rivas in San Pedro Sula.
    Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, but preliminary reports indicate that the bus driver may have fallen asleep on the wheel, but this has not yet been confirmed.
    “Las Chicas Samba” was a musical group originally from the Caribbean port of La Ceiba, Honduras's third largest city, that shot to fame in 2009 in the country when they recorded their first production “Vamos a Bailar”. It is certainly very sad to hear about this tragic traffic accident.