Looking for either a golf cart or a side by side ATV (Polaris Ranger or Yamaha Rhino). Please email me directly at pjleslie03 at aol dot com (trying to hide from the spam bots).

If its a golf cart (gas or electric), please dont send me anything over $8k bze. Must be in good shape and NOT an EZ-GO brand cart. Please include any details you can give me (hours, year model, repairs done, when batteries were replaced, pictures, etc) I would prefer to purchase from an individual and not a rental company. I know how people drive a rental cart and I dont want to own something that has been driven that way.

If its a side by side, then its just got to be a good deal. I know its a stretch, but someone might have one for sale or might know of someone that is trying to sell one fast. I most certainly dont expect one for $8k, so my expectations are nowhere near that. Please send the same info requested above.

I am only looking to find a good used vehicle that someone has taken care of and I do not want to take a huge hit by buying a new vehicle. Yes, I know that there is maintenance involved in every vehicle, and that there is more maintenance in a used vehicle than a new one. That is why I have 2 separate mechanics that will inspect each vehicle, so lets not have that discussion.

Yes, I have seen the golf cart that is listed in the classifieds section and I am looking for other options. I know I have seen a few driving around on the island, but since I have begun to seriously shop for one, I havent seen them lately. Go figure.

Any help is greatly appreciated.