One thing that a lot of people are complaining about these days is that they are sick! Everybody has the FLU, so it seems. Well, it’s flu season alright, and the San Pedro Poly Clinic is announcing that it has in stock flu vaccines, including one for the H1N1 flu virus.
    The vaccines are available FREE of charge for children ONLY, at this moment. The clinic will make an announcement when the adult vaccine is available. Visit the San Pedro Poly Clinic if you would like to vaccinate your child for free or you can also visit your personal health care provider to see if they can supply you with the adult vaccine (at a cost).     
    The flu is not a severe cold. It’s clever. It continually evolves and mutates, so this year’s virus may be different from last year’s. If you suffer from certain chronic illnesses or you are 65 or over, you are especially at risk, especially young children.