At around 11:25am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010, The San Pedro Fire Department (SPFD) received a call (via the San Pedro Police) that there was a fire underway at the Escalante Subdivision area. Upon arrival, The San Pedro Sun found the firemen getting the fire under control. According to the fire chief Jerome Garcia, the fire was getting out of control, and they had to call in a second truck to contain the fire from spreading to the homes nearby.
Mr. Garcia stated that the person who set the fire is being sought for questioning. It is well known that this person sets fires on a regular basis (burning garbage etc) in the area. Garcia further stated the public needs to be aware that fires should NOT be set within the town limits.

In the event that a fire has to be lit, the person who sets it must prepared to control the fire. Anyone who ignores this will be held accountable to the full extent of the law.
The SPFD number is 226-2372.