[Linked Image] Introducing SP's New Judge Patricia Arana
The Magistrate's court in the various municipalities across the country is responsible for hearing the less serious criminal and civil cases, and can impose sentences up to six months and fines. The new person charged with those responsibilities here in San Pedro is Magistrate Patricia Arana.

Magistrate Arana was recently appointed as San Pedro's Magistrate. Magistrate Arana was sworn in on August 23rd, 2010 and commenced active duty on September 6th. She is the holder of a Bachelor of Laws degree, which she acquired from the University of the West Indies on July 1st, 2008.

Magistrate Arana grew up in Punta Gorda. She later moved with her family to Belize City where she served as a Civilian Prosecutor from 2003 - 2005, after which she went abroad to further her studies.

Ms. Arana acquired her Certificate in Legal Education at the Norman Manley Law School in Kingston Jamaica, on October 2, 2010, where she was as awarded the Pitts Elrington Prize (awarded to the most outstanding final year Belizean student of academic performance, attendance, participation, discipline and attitude to society) as well as the Belize Bar Association Prize (awarded to the most outstanding Belizean Student over a two year period).

Ms. Arana finds San Pedro very welcoming and looks forward to serving the community. The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to welcome Magistrate Arana to the Island and wishes her the very best in her new post at the San Pedro Magistrate's Department.

Meet the new PolyClinic II Administrator
The San Pedro Sun takes this opportunity to introduce to the community, Mr. Owen Jasson Vellos. Mr. Vellos is 28 years old and holds a Bachelor's Degree in the field of Business Management from the University of Belize.

Mr. Vellos moved from Corozal Town to San Pedro on September 27th, 2010 to take on the responsibility of being the Administrator for the San Pedro PolyClinic II. Mr. Vellos brings with him over five years of experience in management.

With the countless issues currently plaguing the PolyClinic, Mr. Vellos looks forward to the many challenges that come along with this new position and hopes that the San Pedro Community will continue to show its support to this very worthy cause. As part of his plans for the clinic, Mr. Vellos hopes to create a welcoming atmosphere through vigorous Public Relations training to all staff members. The San Pedro Sun welcomes Mr. Vellos and wishes him the best in his capacity as the administrator of the San Pedro PolyClinic II.

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