It's not quite the PUP's torpedoed one laptop per schoolchild initiative, but it's something´┐Żas today a donation of two hundred desktop computers was made to the Ministry Of Education & Youth as a part of the Restore Belize Project. The computers which will be shared among the six ITVET centers and two of the new skills training facilities and are gifts from the Taiwanese government:

Hon. Patrick Faber
"It's more than just computers because our students will now use these computers as a stepping stone or as a starting point if you will to advance themselves. These computers while we will distribute most of the to different ITVET centers across this country, we will also use them in the magazine road terminal in the Excelsior High School initiative as well as in the RESTORE Belize secretariat so that it will provide well beyond the kind of training that normally happens in the ITVET. It will also seek to give some training to those students who have drop out of school and are enrolling back once we open that magazine road terminal and the Excelsior initiative."

Stansmore Bowman, Manager - ITVET Stann Creek
"Stann Creek ITVET experienced a major flood in 2008 and we lost all our computers. Over the last two years we were able through the assistance of the Ministry of Education to replace about 8 of these computers. Presently we have 9 working computers in our computer lab, so the donation comes at the right time for us to replace those computers that were lost and to continue the process of training our trainees in computer technology."

Pamela Dyer, ITVET - Toledo
"Well definitely it will be a benefit and a plus because as Mr. Ellis had mention before in the ceremony that computers are definitely outdated and in this time and age we definitely need advance computers that will help us with our different programs and as each year we have new trainees coming in and we have more different programs; these computers will definitely help each program."

The computers were handed over by Taiwanese Ambassador David Wu.

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