Three on three basketball - for recreational players - it's the most fun game in town. And tomorrow at the bird's isle specialists in the half court game will have their chance to prove their supremacy in a 3 on 3 knockout tournament. Two of the organizers of the tournament told us it's about more than the game:�.

Raymond Arnold, FIBA 3 to 3 Belize Youth Basketball
"Basically this started by a guy Evon Dayle Coburn own has his own foundation, Kolbe Foundation. He live in the United States so basically I decided that, why do we need someone from the States to come to Belize and do this, we live right here so we have enough pass basketball players whom can help us and continue this and we can have something for the kids to do."

Andrea Polanco
"So how long ago had this started?"

Raymond Arnold
"About a year ago."

Andrea Polanco
"So you have numerous young people being involved in this?"

Raymond Arnold -
"Yes we started the first one maybe we had about a hundred kids, I think the last tournament we had nearly 500 new kids, It's nice."

Jeffrey Locke, Director of 3 on 3 basketball tournament
"The tournament started about a year ago and we are trying to expand on it. So beside basketball we are trying to encourage some of the past players to come out and to share some of their own experiences with the younger players, some of the life skills that Raymond mention, and we are now getting ready to move into a different stage where we want to pilot the actually basketball academy, where we actually will be running development programme for kids. As you noticed the tournament is for under 12, 15 and under 17 youths. So it's all about developing them teaching them the right skills having them play a tournament under the right atmosphere and see how we could build under there abilities as we go on."

The tournament is being held under the theme: "For the Love of the Game�. Restoring Pride in our Community Mentoring Our Youths, Preparing them for a Better Tomorrow"

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