A Corozal businessman is out of pocket for twelve thousand dollars after a burglary at his store on Monday. Johnny Quan didnít open for business since it was a holiday, so the perpetrators opened shop for him and helped themselves to a load of cash and two computers. Police have several leads, but according to Superintendent Miguel Guzman who heads the Corozal Police formation, there is not yet enough evidence to pin anyone to the crime.

Supt. Miguel Guzman, Officer Commanding Corozal Police (Via Phone)

Supt. Miguel Guzman

ďOn Monday, the eleventh of October 2010, police were conducting routine patrols on Seventh Avenue and shortly after four p.m. they observed that the shutters of the business place of Mr. Johnny Quan was partially opened. They immediately stopped to make checks and after confirming that no one was in the building, they secured the area and then went to locate Mr. Johnny Quan, fifty years old Belizean businessman of Corozal town. Upon the arrival of Mr. Johnny Quan he immediately made checks and confirmed to police that the place had been broken into and ten thousand dollars Belize currency in cash that he had inside the building, one silver in color Toshiba brand laptop valued a thousand dollars and one Panasonic laptop, both serial numbers unknown, valued a thousand dollars Belize currency that he had inside the building were stolen; all to a total value of twelve thousand dollars. He made a formal report to the police sometime around eight-fifteen that morning. Police processed the scene and observed that entry was gained from the eastern side of the building by cutting off the padlocks that secured the shutters, giving access to the perpetrator or perpetrators. Police are also investigating that matter.Ē

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