When Chairman of Island Def Jam's Record - LA Reid arrived in Belize on February twenty second of this year - it was huge news. He was welcomed with VIP treatment as the red carpet was rolled out by no less than the Foreign Affairs protocol officer who was there to greet him off his private jet along with Belizean rapper Jamal Shyne Barrow.

A few days later news came out that Shyne had been signed to an 8 million dollar contract. But eight months later the deal looks like its disappearing - like one big POOF.

International news reports quote Shyne as publicly announced he wants to jump ship from Def Jam's Record. In doing so he did took a few stabs at Island Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid - accusing him of not believing in -Hiphop. Shyne discussed in a statement on Billboard.com - that it is difficult to do business with somebody who doesn't believe in what he does. He went on to say and we quote -"They don't get it, they don't believe in hip-hop. They're into that R&B thing, and that's cool. But Def Jam is an institution� how you gonna have a chairman that don't believe in hip-hop?"

That's a long way from the sweet-talk in February when LA Reid told Keith Swift he would work personally with Shyne:

Keith Swift
"You'll be working with him? Who will be his producers?"

L.A. Reid
"Look around�.who do you see. You see me right."

What did chuck D say about not believing the hype�?

Anyway, Shyne is now currently trying to get with Cash Money Records. The rapper - who is jewish - is currently working in Israel but still spending time here in Belize.

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