Just received these from some hotels down south

"Please note that the Jaguar Reef Lodge has not sustained any damage whatsoever from hurricane Keith and we are open for business as usual. The latest weather report suggests that the hurricane, although still potentially dangerous is breaking up and has fallen from a category 4 to a category 1, which is now nothing more than a 'tropical storm'.

We understand that Continental Airlines will be resuming their flights into Belize tomorrow, ( although this could of course change ). Southern Belize had virtually no effects from the storm, other than some light rain, overcast skies and choppy seas. We did move our guests out of the Lodge yesterday and transported them to Cayo, strictly as a precaution. Given the situation improving as it has and is predicted to continue we will be bringing out guests back to the Lodge today and resuming tours and normal business operation immediately."

"I don't know about the Cayes but we have no wind, very little rain, and absolutely no damage. Keith is slowing down now so we should know the damage on San Pedro by tomorrow. -Ben from Nautical Inn Placencia"