read about the dirty underbelly of pro futbol in the usa

Said Simoneau, "This past year against Carolina, some guy for the Panthers, I can't remember his name, had crapped his pants. You could see from the sidelines this brown streak under his bright white pants. He played the entire second quarter with the brown-stained pants. We were having a good time with it, yelling at the ref, 'Get this guy off the field! He shit his pants!'

"The second half started, and sure enough he had brand-new pants on. I give him credit, though, for being able to play through that. That's the length some guys go to stay on the field."

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Blood, guts, and glory-veteran players reveal the NFL you never see on TV

Behind every glittering NFL game on television is a world of happy pain for a hundred men. NFL Unplugged lets you see that world through the eyes of the pros who live and sweat in it. Here are the places the cameras don't go: the locker room where coaches' speeches can deflate or motivate, the huddle where fart jokes vie with playcalling, the training camp where locusts and heat conspire to break the strongest bodies and shake the most determined minds. Now you can experience it all up close and unplugged.

Draws on firsthand accounts of more than thirty players and coaches from teams across the NFL, including Mark Schlereth, Bill Romanowski, Kevin Long, Kyle Turley, John Gruden, Hugh Douglas, Jon Runyan, and Michael Strahan
An unvarnished look at everything from training camp and broken dreams, conditioning and injuries, and camaraderie and hazing to the quest to gain a competitive edge and the exhilarating triumphs of the game

Chris Samuels spoke of his Alabama days. Crimson Tide against Florida at the Swamp. 'Bama trails by a touchdown early in the fourth quarter and is punting the ball back to the Gators. "It was a madhouse to that ball," Samuels said. "It was such a crucial point in the game and our team knew it. Our young bucks out there on special teams did great. Like three or four of them ended squeezing the punt returner's nuts until he coughed up the ball. I was so proud of the young guys out there, doing whatever it takes to win the game. That's the attitude you want all your teammates to have."