The parents, board members, teachers and the entire student body of Ambergris Caye Elementary take this opportunity to thank the following persons for their kind contribution in one way or the other to the school.

Mr. Claudio Azueta and Family, Mr. Carlos Alejos and Family, Mrs. Alba Marin and Family, Mrs. Florita Frisinger and Family, Mrs. Melanie Paz, Mrs. Flora Ancona, Mr. Manuel Ancona Jr, Mrs. Anna Ico, Mr. Kareem Marun, Mr. Roberto Canul, Mr. Geovannie Marin, Mr. Sam, Mrs. Sonia Sutherland, Mrs. Ilse Williams, Mr. Jorge Rodriguez, Mrs. Jessica Eiley, Mr. Daniel Itza, Mr. Emil, Mr. Dee Dillion, Mr. Erick "Gato", Mr. Samuel Gonzales, The Bikini Bar, Xanadu Resort, The Victoria House, The 14 kids that helped during the summer, Councilor Pablo Ico, The San Pedro Town Board and Mayor Elsa Paz, Traveller's Liquors

Thank you all.

God Bless,
Ambergris Caye Elementary School.