We’ll Be Right Back…

And while BEL is getting its national system fully restored - on a smaller scale, so are we at Channel 7. As we told you last night, our broadcasting tower at our mile one western highway transmission facility was toppled during the storm when a massive coconut tree fell on a set of the supporting cables. That caused the tower to buckle and resulted in a spectacular, contorted collapse.

No one was hurt, but it fell on the high tension line - and caused a power outage that continues at this hour. It also damaged cables within the facility.

Since then we have been working tirelessly to install a new tower - first by getting the old one out of the way. We are presently working on standby power and have restored our fiber optic connections to most of our cable providers.

So tonight if you are seeing this newscast it is through our partnership with those cable providers. If the signal hasn't been restored to an area - we are working on it. We hope to have our new tower in place and full broadcast capability restored by this weekend - so please bear with us….

Channel 7