I didn't knew it would have affected my life,

I was young and didn't know they were taking advantage of me.

I taught they really cared for me,

I taught they loved me so much,

But I was fooled by their twisted lies.

They held me so close, I felt secure,

I was sure they would never hurt me.

I knew it wasn't normal for my babysitter to caress me that way,

I knew it wasn't normal to kiss my cousin that way,

I knew it wasn't okay for my step-uncle to

Rub me gently down there.

I knew it wasn't normal for my step-father to fondle me

While my mother was away,

But what could I have done?

I was a little girl,

I didn't have the knowledge to understand,

That they were using my body.

But it's not my fault I taught I enjoyed it,

It's not my fault that I believed their lies,

It's not my fault I taught it was love,

And it's not my fault that I am confused about myself.

As I remember the dark hidden secret,

I did struggle to accept the past,

My tears falling on the pillows,

Wondering if I can survive.

The pain is invisible,

All you see is a woman going about her ordinary day,

Talking to neighbors and taking herself to school.

I was suffering,

I couldn't handle the suffocation and was crying out for help,

But no one listened to my sorrows.

I met a guy, who became my lover,

And he is my main supporter.

I began my own therapy and its making me stronger,

Meeting and talking to women who have the same issues as me

I know now that I am not alone

I am so happy I am able to help others as they help me

Dealing with the effects of sexual abuse

I now conquer the world that we live in

But day by day I struggle with my hidden secrets.

Together we can STOP SEXUAL ABUSE!!!