A number of organizations are stepping up to assist the hurricane victims. The B.N.E. Trust today gave handsomely a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to NEMO and this afternoon the government of Venezuela contributed to the cause when it delivered canned foods and water to the NEMO headquarters. Charge d' Affairs from the Embassy of Venezuela, Gabriel Sanchez, handed over the food items to Chairperson of NEMO, Noreen Fairweather.

Gabriel Sanchez

Gabriel Sanchez, Charge d' Affairs, Venezuelan Embassy

"We're just here to bring a donation from the Venezuelan Embassy. It's just a symbolic one but we wanted to help Belizean people in this situation because of hurricane Richard. So this a small donation of dry food and water that we would like to contribute to the Belizean people on behalf of the Bolivarian Government. We have over there fifty boxes of water, four boxes of tuna, four boxes of powder milk, four boxes of sardines and sausage too. As I told you this is a small donation but I think it can contribute a little bit or in a big way because they have a lot of cans inside the boxes."

Noreen Fairweather

Noreen Fairweather, Chairperson, NEMO

"And on behalf of NEMO and the people of Belize, we accept this generous donation from the Venezuelan people. They have always supported NEMO in times of disaster and so we thank them for their continued support and this will be a significant contribution to support people with relief supplies."

The donation amounted to around three thousand dollars.

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