Ok I hope you all don't mind, but this is going to be a seven day report because there is so much to tell. Day 1 - arrived in Belize and almost missed my flight to AC because of Jet (airport bar). He's a hoot and can draw as well. Took Tropic Air and don't remember much (thank God) because Jet got me a little drunk. Flight was smooth (I think). Anyway, landed in San Pedro and fell in love at first sight. I have traveled extensively (Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Barbados, etc.) and I have never felt the way that I felt in San Pedro. Pictures to come later this week. Anyway, got over to Banana Beach and couldn't get my upper lip to touch my top lip. The rooms are incredible, I would easily have paid more to have the same type of room. Girls at BB are wonderful. The room was almost as big as my apartment (ocean view room). Anyway, had more drinks over at Mata Rocks and decided to wait for lmarquis. She got in (late because of me, I told Jet to look out for her). After her arrival, we headed down to Fido's for some din-din. Great place, one of the bartenders made me drool all night, he had this accent and I kept asking him to say stuff just to hear him talk. After Fido's we met up with some Brittish soldiers (hurricane relief) in from the mainland and we decided to hang with them boy they were hilarious. They were staying at Banana Beach so they along with Ken and Lynne and lmarquis decided to take the long trek back to BB. Along the way we decided to do cannonballs in every pool that we encountered. We also picked up a stray dog named Wanker. The brits named him. Too funny. Ramone's had the best pool and the nicest security (don't ask). By the 7th pool and last cannoball with Wanker in tow we decided to call it a night. Sweet dreams. Part 2 to come.