Amandala Editorial

You know, there are people around here who have thin skins. A problem arises, because they also have large egos. So that, they will not engage in public and direct dialogue, because they cannot stand for conversations to become passionate or abrasive. Their modus operandi then, in pursuance of those objectives which their superiors have advised them to seek, takes the form of sniping, ambush, hit-and-run, and so on. All is fair in war, and these are classic guerrilla tactics. The thing is that these tactics are being utilized by those who are in the service of religious and political empires. Normally, guerrilla tactics are used by people like us - underdogs.

Over a period of more than two decades, we have accumulated repeated and empirical data which leave little doubt that there are educated people in our community who give lip service to the upliftment of our people, but who are really collaborators with those same religious and political empires which are responsible for the oppression of our people.

The most effective form of oppression is the one which has religion as an integrated component. Religion involves a glorious supernatural divinity in the mundane reality/suffering on the ground. In resisting the reality/suffering on the ground, one runs the risk of being named a heretic, or one who is an unbeliever in the supernatural divinity. Indirectly, we are being told that the system is one upheld, if not established, by divinity.

The British have been at this game of God and money for centuries. They are experts. They had slaves build St. John’s Cathedral on Regent Street. On Albert Street, they set up Barclays Bank. Originally, the bank was founded by two brothers, Alexander and David Barclay, who made their money transporting slaves from West Africa to the West Indies. So then, in British Honduras our colonial masters could always laugh at us behind our backs. We were jokes.

Now, of course, the British would never actually laugh at us behind our backs. They would only smile wryly, at worst superciliously. These are an understated people, professional in operation. We have said to you recently in these pages that the British and the Belizean anti-colonialist PUP had reached rapprochement when the Chancellor of the Anglican Church here, the late W.H. Courtenay, became the first Speaker of the House in March 1961, after the PUP won 18 out of 18 seats in the first general elections held here under the Ministerial constitution. Four years later, Mr. Courtenay’s son, V.H. “Harry” Courtenay, then became a Senator appointed by the PUP government which had won 16 out of 18 seats in the 1965 general elections. Harry Courtenay then became the Collet constituency candidate for the PUP in the 1969 general elections. He won the Collet seat, and became a PUP Cabinet Minister, remaining so until 1984.

Our point is that the British, through the Courtenays and the Anglican Church, and for their own British benefit, were bridging the political gap between the pro-British NIP and the previously anti-British PUP. No one in Belize could see that at the time.

It was more than ten years after that when the Roman Catholic Church, for their part, bridged their political gap by sponsoring the Liberal Party to cross from the pro-Catholic PUP over to those Anglican and Methodist elements which had been NIP and now became the UDP in September of 1973. Our suggestion is, the indications are, that the Anglican British, in their understated way, had beaten the Roman Catholics to the punch.

The money people in Belize managed to climb to this level of sophistication perhaps two decades ago, when the really big business boys began donating campaign funds to both the PUP and the UDP. This was a form of protection which was old hat to the British. We can see that now.

In 1969 a resistance movement began in Belize City which was not controlled by, or committed to, either Canterbury or Rome. This UBAD, which built the foundation for Kremandala, was authentic and nationalist. Most important, it was completely financed by Belizeans. Don’t let anybody fool you. Who pays the piper, calls the tune. The people of Belize paid and pay the Kremandala piper, and the people of Belize called and call the tune. Straight like that.

Confusion created by the articulate Anti-Christs is always an issue in Belize. The principals in the disinformation game amongst the Belizean people work for religions which have their political backs. The relation is symbiotic. God and money - religion and politics. Hurricane Richard two weeks ago, a weak Category 1, exposed how bogus is the package the “God and money - religion and politics” people have presented to the Belizean masses over the last half-century. You cannot become elected in Belize without paying at least lip service to Canterbury and Rome. The level of poverty amongst Belizeans is not acceptable. It is shocking. In the world of God and money, nothing has changed. The “peaceful, constructive revolution” failed. Fight the power.

Power to the people. Power in the struggle.