Written by Julie Schwietert

Iíll go pretty much anywhere.

OFFER ME A TRIP to a Latin American country, though, and Iíll produce my passport in six seconds flat. This part of the world is my beat.

The Belize Tourism Board invited me to Belize earlier this month to, among other things, judge the countryís annual culinary festival, Taste of Belize. I knew pitifully little about the Central American country before I left home, giving myself a crash course in Belizean history (thanks, Google Books) the night before my flight departed.

I donít like to compare countries, but Belize really is different than any other Latin American country Iíve visited. Its political history (it was a British, not a Spanish, colony) and its geographic location (bordering three countries by land or sea) have contributed to some really compelling social and cultural dynamics.

Here are 20 reasons why you should travel to Belize NOWÖ and 20 reasons why I canít wait to go back.

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