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Cold last night, the coldest night since Feb, early Mar.

Light Blue, actual Night minimums. Orange, actual Day maximums.
Red, 31 day running Average max. Blue, 31 day running Average min.
Green, Mean Average Temperatures.

The last two nights actually feel colder than they actually are because, with clear night sky, your body heat radiates out into space, yes even through house walls and roof, unless they are silver lined. Next Ice Age due to start in the next 50 to 500 years or more, no clear signs as when yet.

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The low temperature of last night and of the nights before is because of the cold front or what is left of it more than the clear night sky.

The clear night sky contributes but not as much. During the dry season, we also have clear skies at night, but the nights remain uncomfortably hot until dawn; when the heat from the tarmac, concrete walls, etc.. has dissipated into space.