The Ugliness Of It All: Ex High Commissioner Palma Vs. GOB

Belize's diplomatic corps is still recovering from the public flap over the sacking of its High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Kamela Palma.

And while the Prime Minister last week suggested the possibility of some fence-mending, we'd say, right about now, the chance of that happening is zero to nothing.

That's because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today officially put its former high commissioner's business "in the street" - and all to make it clear that there's no cover up for a junior diplomat who also happens to be Minister Melvin Hulse's daughter.

Regarding the young Hulse, "whose name has been mentioned in connection with financial discrepancies", the Minister's release states, quote: "There is no truth in that speculation!"

According to the release, the truth is that "The High Commissioner's contract was terminated because she had willfully disregarded clear instructions given to her by her CEO�.and she (wrote) a correspondence to (the CEO) that was�disrespectful�and wholly unbecoming of the office of Belize's Chief Diplomat in the United Kingdom." The release concludes magisterially (look down): "No country can permit a Senior Foreign Service Officer to flout lawfully given instructions or to act with impunity. Such a course of conduct conduces to erosion of discipline and professionalism, and can imperil an entire nation."

Well, if the nation is at all at stake, judging from the correspondence sent by Palma - circulated along with today's release - she was doing her best to avoid further peril.

Yes, the letter does start very badly, telling off the CEO for behaving in, quote: "such a high-handed, interfering, meddling and undermining manner."

But that aside, she makes the point that quote, in the matter of Ms. Hulse, there is a quote "lack of trust in handling Government of Belize's funds�.(which)has been reported to HQ in three reports and that the seriousness of these three reports have been either summarily dismissed, misinterpreted, or ignored."

But after taking the moral high ground, Palma again disrespects the CEO, stating snappily: "I therefore must ask you whether you now intend to run the office of the High Commissioner out of your office in Belmopan and whether you will continue to interfere in affairs and decisions which a Head of Mission has made�I expect to have nothing less than an apology for such an undermining act."

She got no apology, and when one was demanded of her, she gave no apology - which should put a publicly ugly end to that matter�

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