But if speaking words isn't your thing, maybe singing them is�.and if you feel you can crystallize the humour of daily life as brilliantly as Mr. Peters then the Brokdong Competition is for you�.

Wilfred Peters left behind a rich musical legacy but the genre called brokdong is fading and in an effort to keep it music alive, the Institute of Creative Arts will be once again putting on a competition and Bram.

ICA will be renaming the event in honor of the late legendary 'Brukdown' icon: "Mr. Peetaz Brokdong Competition and Bram 2010 on December 11th at The House of Culture.

Here's how you can participate:�

Clive Myers, Development Officer - ICA
"As we all know that Brokdong has and should be a very pivotal aspect of our lifestyle because its Belize and its creole nonetheless for over the past years with only the help of our undisputed king of Brokdong Mr. Peters has the Brokdong itself been alive and so we are hoping that this year we can bring out the interest, we can bring out the whole celebration bigger and better this Christmas season. This year primarily focuses not only on the competition aspect of the event but the entire interest of bringing the bramming section back to life - the Belizean culture. We are expecting to have a spectacular lineup of artists; international and local. The entire idea of the Brokdong competition and bram this year is to rekindle the Belizean interest in the Brokdong lifestyle, how much it has impacted our culture and we would like to bring that impact not just only to the older people in society but also our youth. Necessarily what we are looking at for December the 11th is a Christmas wonderland atmosphere where the general public can come out, feel at home and bram until the night is finish and also enjoy the competition with the Belizean artist who will participate this year."

The competition which will see a junior and senior category is now open and applications can be obtained from the Bliss. If you'd like more information you can call Clive Myers at 227-2110/ 227-2458.

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