The Belize City Center - it has been a festering wound in public life since it was built in the early 90's. Finally, it was deemed unfit for use in mass events in September. And indeed, the decrepit building is fit to be condemned. But there's hope�the Mexican government has committed to either repair or rebuild the city center.

This was announced in a press release from the government this evening. The agreement comes out of the Prime Minister's official visit to Mexico three weeks ago. At that time Mexican President Felipe Calderon agreed to send a technical team to quote "determine how the Mexican Government can assist in reconstruction or rehabilitation of the structure."

Well, that team of Mexican engineers and rehabilitation specialists is currently in Belize to do a preliminary assessment on the battered building. Their assessment will be followed by a more detailed study which will determine whether the best option is to fix it or rebuild it.

No timeline has been disclosed, nor have any figures been discussed. But the government release makes it clear that the initiative is being undertaken in the spirit of friendship.

Mexico's last major institutional gesture to Belize was the Bliss Center which was inaugurated in 2004. That was arranged through a concessionary loan.

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