National Security in great peril from Narco and Human Traffickers

National Security is steadily becoming a major concern due to recent illicit activities involving airplanes in northern, central and southern Belize. The plane that landed over the weekend in the south had a cocaine cargo estimated at one hundred and forty million dollars. But there are other incidents involving planes. As you are well aware on September eighteenth, nineteenth and October third, three flights originating from Haiti jointly brought in thirty-four Chinese Nationals in the cover of darkness after the P.G.I.A. was closed. A month ago on October thirteenth, an Anti-Drug Unit staged an operation in Sarteneja Village in Corozal where another suspected PAISA drug plane landed and unloaded cocaine that was picked up by a waiting truck before the anti-drug unit could get there. Five persons were later arrested in Chunox Village, about twenty miles away from Sarteneja.

And earlier this year on April ninth, a drug plane was discovered submerged in waters south east of Northern Two Caye in the Lighthouse Reef atoll. The evidence retrieved from the plane links it to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the lanterns on the island indicate that the pilot was attempting a night landing. A body was found floating in the sea the same weekend in the area with U.S. and Mexican currency. The post mortem conducted on the body, showed multiple injuries with sharp and blunt objects, meaning that the person, who remains unidentified did not drown. Two days later on April eleventh, a red cooler with fourteen parcels of suspected cocaine floated to the north end of Caye Caulker. All these instances along with passport, immigration and the visa scandal linked to Chinese, Sri Lankans and other nationalities trying to reach America, are evidence that the National Security of Belize is under serious threat.

Channel 5