Preparations are underway for a coaching and sport certificate program. The program, scheduled to start next weekend in Belmopan, is being organized by the Belize Confederation for Youth and Sports. General Secretary Amil Car Barnette tells us more.

Amil Car Barnette; General Secretary, Belize Confederation for Youth and Sports 

"It's one weekend a month for six months. Level one is one weekend, level two is two weekends and level three is at least two weekends at first followed by work with the particular sport that you are interested in the most. The first two levels are general to all sports and the third level is sport specific. The initiative was started because there is a common consensus in the Belizean sport community that there are enough opportunities for the training of professionals to lead sport programming in Belize." 

The program will be carried out with the assistance of the Australian Institute of Sports and Cuban experts who will facilitate some of the sessions. Barnette says that the training is open to over 70 participants and they are inviting coaches from all over the country.