FECTAB the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize has emerged as the most outspoken critic of tourism policy makers. They've staged a powerful pair of press conferences in the past three months and went for the trifecta today with another.

The complaints were myriad, the agenda packed and the rhetorict, passionate.

One of the burning issues was the removal of Belizeans from inside the Fort Street Tourism village. That, coupled with the Tourism Board's plan to regulate the wild atmosphere on the street outside the Village has FECTAB President Tom Greenwood on high alert - eh says he agrees with the regulation in spirit but the devil is in the details:..

Tom Greenwood, President FECTAB
"The problem lies in how to regulate an activity that has become even more horrible with that fact that the FSTV has kicked out so many of us and we are now operating outside. It's now a mainly tour guides, tour operators, taxi drivers, people trying to make a living, so we need to work with the BTB and make sure this zoning thing works. Now we've got to be outside and hope that our guests come through the doors and meet us and over the past 3 months we've been losing so many people....it's not funny."

Jules Vasquez
"I know that you are one of the people who were ejected from the FSTV. You weren't ejected for being nice."

Tom Greenwood, President FECTAB
"I must have been ejected for being nasty, huh? Listen don't edit this, I'd like this to be told to the people of Belize: in this country when a native Belizean fights for his rights - he is a trouble maker. We have got to back track on that. Let me get this right; I was born in Belize and because I fight for the right that belongs to me, I am a trouble maker? That means somebody above me is messing around and messing around heavily. I call on the government of Belize to turn this country around ok, please put my clothes back on, I am not wearing anything from the waist down and neither are most native Belizeans. We have to stop this thing man. If we don't stop this thing - look around us, read the history of the countries around us, people are going to get cheesed off and I'm going to put it strongly - pissed off."

And while Greenwood was teed off about that - he was livid about tourism CEO Mike Singh's alleged role in the development of a Cruise Tourism Facility in Placencia.

At today's almost two hour long press conference - FECTAB alleged and offered documentary proof of what it says shows CEO Singh's involvement in the sale of the property which will be used for the proposed Placencia Port. The document shows that Singh is a majority shareholder in Century 21 BTALCO which through fellow shareholder Bradley Rinehart earned a royalty on the sale.

Singh says indeed he is a shareholder - but says he has completely resigned all operational posts, he is not a director and has no involvement in the day to day decision making of that company. He conceded that he does stand to benefit from the royalty payment but added that he has nothing to do with the final decision which will be made at the cabinet level.

Greenwood cursed at that one:..

Jules Vasquez
"Publicly at the consultation Mr. Singh has mentioned that he relinquished his stake in Century 21 realtors when he assumed his public office. [Tom Greenwood - yes of course] but you all are saying that records indicates contrary."

Tom Greenwood, President FECTAB
"Mr. Singh - "Bull____", I don't know if you can broadcast that, but I'll say it again "Bull____". We did some research and you saw our secretary this morning, he brought the facts. I don't know where to take this honestly. Let's just look at it this way; if I was in the army and he was my sergeant, I would downgrade him to corporal a long time."

And while Greenwood wants Singh demoted - we note that FECTAB was beating their chest this morning because he is moving on form his post as tourism CEO. As we understand it - Singh is leaving next year when his contract expires.

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