The Community Policing Unit is currently holding a five day training with thirty special constables and community leaders in Belize City. The initiative seeks to improve relations between the lawmen and women and the community. Programme Coordinator for the Police Department, Douglas Hyde told us more:

Douglas Hyde, Programme Coordinator - Police Department
"This training marks the 6th training of this year that the community policing has carried; this is our last training and it for our community leaders, special constables both within the police department and also of the city council. The focus is to bring together these groups of persons and to train them within the topics of anger management, conflict resolution, leadership skills, values and ethics and of course very important - public relation. We see very much the importance to continuously train our people at these levels so that the everyday deliverance of work is more better in terms of production and implementation but more all we want to continue to build that communication and networking with our people working together with the community."

Fermin Olivera, UB Lecturer
"Today we are covering anger management and that's one of 6 topics that we will be covering for the week which we have leadership, we will be doing values and ethics and some other topics that we believe will be helpful for the special constables to use while doing their work."

Barrington Brown, Police Department
"This morning we are doing anger management and it helps us to show that when we are on our job or even at home, how we can better off our self and take things a little bit cooler."

Bernard Lynch, Faber's Road Neighborhood Watch
"I am a member of one of the committee for the neighborhood watch and the training here will help me to carry out my duties much better. Yesterday we did leadership skills and today we are doing anger management and so far it's very interesting and I can say it will definitely help me in carrying out my duties."

Nackeisha Usher, Special Constable - Patrol Branch
"It motivates me to work harder and to how to appreciate my job and how to act within my job place. If my officer tells me something, how I suppose to act or with the people even outside or at home and around my co-workers. "

Mark Pollard, Special Constable BCC
"We have learned a lot from this program. For the rest of this week we intend to learn much more and today we are dealing with anger management and so far from the 1st session we have learn a lot from it."

Sheree Murillo, Community Policing Unit
"I felt the need for it. Many times we find ourselves in compromising positions and it is not because we put ourselves there and at times the end result may be different and so with training and knowledge I think it takes you a long way and this training will do good for me."

Andrea Polanco
"You think that this training is necessary?"

Hector Romero, King's Park Watch
"Of course because that helps us in like being a leader of an organization you have to know how to deal with different situations and how you can manage time and to organize and address each one concern because you have a large community coming together and there will be a lot of issues that you have to address and sometime you might not know all but with the help that are getting today we will be able more to address the situation and be more successful to working in our community."

Andrea Polanco
"Are there practical elements that these participants can take back and implement in their workplace?"

Fermin Olivera, UB Lecturer
"Absolutely, that's the whole focus of the training, it's not only about sensitization but it's about how they will implement this in the course of their day-to-day work as well as to develop strategies that as a unit you can function better and support each other a little bit better. So it's not only theory although that's important but the focus is on how they will use this in their day-to-day activities."

This one week training programme which is supported and funded by SIF has also been held in the other districts.

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