One day while out walking around the town of San Pedro, we happened upon the entrance to the San Pedro Cemetery.  Bill and I like wandering in cemeteries, visiting grave sites of people we never met and wondering who they were.  Viewing the art and history of the cemetery and reading epitaphs.   Reading the names, the dates of births and deaths.  Trying to find the oldest one or youngest person buried there. 

Some of the stones were quite elaborate and some were quite simple, but all were interesting just the same.  Several were like large flower pots in bloom.  Some had photos, large statues, or just small crosses with hand written epitaphs.

DID YOU KNOW?  Interesting facts about cemeteries.

Do you know the difference between a coffin, a casket and a sarcophagus?
It's the shape! A coffin is wider at the shoulders, narrower at the head and feet.
A coffin is rectangular and a sarcophagus is more molded into the shape of
the human body and often had a portrait of the deceased painted on the lid.

Based on a standard grave size of 3' x 8', one acre of land will provide enough
space for 1,815 graves.

What is the difference between a cemetery & a graveyard?
Graveyards are in the "yards" of churches.