"Clear the Land' Castro gets the boot

[Linked Image] Belize Rural North Area Representative Edmund Castro is no longer Minister of State in the Ministry of Works, a portfolio he has held since the United Democratic Party took office in February 2008, and he has exited Cabinet under a cloud.

A government press release on Wednesday, November 24th said Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow would consider a replacement later, and announced he had stripped Castro of his Cabinet portfolio with "immediate effect".

The release says: "The decision was taken following a report made to the Prime Minister about an incident involving Castro. The Prime Minister was satisfied, after due consideration, that the report was substantially accurate; and that Mr. Castro had engaged in behavior inconsistent with the high standards of propriety to which the Prime Minister seeks to hold his ministers."

As soon as the announcement was made, the public's rumor mill went into high gear -- churning out theory after disturbing theory about Castro's cabinet demise.

The Reporter has learned, but was unable to confirm, that Castro's troubles have been brewing for a while now and that it has to do with a sexual indiscretion on his part.

One highly placed source says Castro was romantically involved with a 14-year-old girl, and the girl's family went ballistic when they learned of the affair.

According to our source, Castro's attempts to hush up the whole sorry affair were recorded and that recording eventually made its way to the Prime Minister.

Another theory being advanced is that Castro has had several misunderstandings with the Minister of Works Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez.

Earlier this year a Public Works Department grader worth $250,000 was rehabilitating roads in the Cayo District, when it was commandeered at gunpoint and driven through the border village of Arenal into Guatemala, inside reports say. Castro's dismissal from the Cabinet has renewed speculation about the theft.


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