And the winner is Annlyn Apolonio, Queen of the Jewel 2010-2011

Annlyn Apolonio

In the world of pageantry, the first ever Queen of the Jewel was held on Saturday night at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts. Ten young ladies representing different parts of the Jewel took to the stage to showcase beauty, talent and culture. There were five different categories on which the ladies were judged, including a texting segment. At the end of it all, Annlyn Apolonio representing Belize City's Lake Independence area captured the hearts of the judges to claim first place. Dangriga's Tyler Savery placed second in points and Cricel Castillo of Caribbean Shores rounded off the top three finishers, as the Masters of Ceremony made the announcements.

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Pageant organizers say Apolonio will represent Belize at international pageants next year.

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