Oceana BELIZE is hosting a Special Presentation on Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 at the Bliss Institute of Performing Arts at 5:00 PM on the topic: Learning from the US Oil Disasters - Can This Be Us? Dr. Jeffery Short, Pacific Science Director, Oceana and celebrity guest, activist & Oceana Board Member, Mr. Ted Danson will be facilitating this presentation.

Ted Danson, internationally recognized actor, is among the over 15 Oceana board members who will be visiting Belize next week for a working session to be held in San Pedro. The board will be approving its global strategy and budget for 2011 and learning more about the pressing marine issues in Belize.

Ted Danson has testified before the US Senate about the dangers of offshore oil exploration and drilling. Danson has used his internationally recognized status as a famous actor to educate people around the world about marine issues affecting humanity globally.

Received from BTIA

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